Activism 100: Time Management

Do not assume that managing time for any task is simple.  Planning for engaging in activism is even more difficult.  Fact is that unless you have a highly flexible job or pro-civil rights or social justice job, you cannot just engage in a protest with out some sort of notification.

Let’s just simplify it:
-Choose your cause.
-Choose your outlet for advocating.  Website? Emails? Letter writing? Envelope stuffing? Facebook page? Volunteering? Graffiti?
-Choose your frequency of commitment?  can you take it on daily? weekly? twice a month? monthly?  Does that still make you feel like you are contributing?
-Then DO IT.

I am not a fan of some things that are happening with the Government that presides over my country.
I think that emailing them would be a good idea.
I choose to email them on the 1st and 3rd week of the month.
I have asked people to coordinate emailing with me.  They don’t want to.  I continue anyway.
I decide to add on things like writing little articles that may or may not make a difference.

Realistically, if you take the time to plan, it is quite amazing what you can do with an hour a week..

Think about it.  More to come.

The Sorcerer, A Guild Called Fairytale.

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