To Be Without A Tribe…

Intros are difficult and often useless.  If you have any questions contact me and I will update things.

I am not a lonely person, but I do feel alone.  I have a partner.  I have friends.  I have colleagues.  I have… A life.  However, I do not have a tribe.  My family was a broken one.  My parents are no longer alive.  I spent most of my childhood being…not a child.   My friends have not experienced some of the things I have and do not have the ability or capacity to support or at times understand me.

I know that my experiences are my own.  I know that it is my responsibility to relay my needs and expectations to others. I know that I must except others as they are even if as they are separates them from myself.  But it has left me with out a tribe.

Knowing these things and seeing the world becoming more dangerous and unpredictable, I have decided to make a guild.  I have decided to find my tribe, or create one from nothing.

I am The Fool.  Guild Master of a guild called Fairytale.

Image from Persona Series


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