Activism 101: Email

With all that is happening in the country I live, I thought a quick tutorial on basic cyber activism might be a good idea.

Note: Please do not take my excessive sarcasm for anything more than sarcasm.  Please do not think I am endorsing threats or unreasonable expectations upon others.

Think about what might happen if 100 people emailed your representative repeatedly.  What about 1000?  or more?
I present a simple idea.  1st and 3rd.  Pick at day of the week.  Then every month on the first and third week on the day you chose, email your representatives in congress.  Email the president, VP, or anyone/ everyone in government.
No matter what country you live in emailing any terrible leader is a great expressive outlet and literally sends a message.

Wait! Isn’t that harassment?  NO.  We as the people put them in office.  They are accountable to us.  They put themselves in the spotlight.  If it makes you feel better, put a disclaimer.

” I will continue to send this email until I feel this issues has been resolved to my satisfaction.”

“How will this make a difference?” you ask.
Well it does more than just uninstalling a damn app. or just posting about how you want to help protesters in a state you never plan to visit.
What if you and your activist friends all do this?  What if they all recruit 10 people to do this.  Then 10 more and so on?
What if we disrupt government servers by dumping so much in to their emails?  or prove that 10,000+ emails cannot disrupt them, so that we can then ask the question why our internet costs so damn much for piss poor connectivity?

This is simple way that groups of people can unite to protest.  There are add ons for/ built in features of email services to auto send emails.

Simple recap:
Pick a day.
Email the government official or office that you want to be accountable on that day every other week.
Tell your friends to do it.  Agree on a time.  Do it together.
Tell your friends to tell their friends.

EDIT:  I understand there are plenty of reps that have fill in contacts on their sites.  It appears Trump might one of them as there has been no update as to if or currently useful at the time of this post.  In these cases it is best to copy and paste something pre-written.

I do not call myself an activist.  I am a protagonist.  I want to protagonize my world.

I email out every Tuesday from the west Coast.
If you have any questions or run into road blocks contact me.

I am The Sorcerer from A Guild Called Fairytale.


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